Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Bracelet in 14k Gold Women and Mens Bracelet – Crystal Casman

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Rare Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 14k Gold Bead Bracelet - Womens and Mens Bracelet

Rare Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 14k Gold Bead Bracelet - Women's and Men's Bracelet

$ 415.00

Featuring Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from Arizona, the most valuable turquoise on the planet; this piece is at once handsome and elegant, casual and dressed up, jewelry and investment*.  It exudes effortless  sophistication and appreciation for the rarest gemstones.  A piece which inspires conversation, as well as admiration.
  • AAA Sleeping Beauty Arizona turquoise
  • 6.5 - 9.5 inches 
  • 4mm (.16in) wide
  • Solid 14k gold
  • Condition: New
  • Free shipping
  • Ships worldwide
  • 30 day refund/exchange
  • 1 year warranty 
  • Made in the USA

*Sleeping Beauty turquoise is known for its pure sky blue color. The gemstone is exceedingly rare as the Arizona mines, the only source, are now exhausted, having closed in 2012.  The price of natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise has risen dramatically since the mine's closing, and will no doubt continue to rise.