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About Us

Who We Are
We are a company founded by Crystal Casman in 2010.  Her goal is to create beautiful pieces which will stand the test of time by passing through your family for generations.  We all would love to leave a legacy.  Jewelry is a way to leave that legacy, and also tell your story.   The fine pieces we collect at specific moments in the many seasons of our lives show who we are in that time.  Revealing to future generations a valuable and artistic representation of our innocence, our growth, and our wisdom. 
Crystal Casman began creating jewelry at home in 2010 while her two children attended school.  After the effects of chronic illnesses made it impossible to return to corporate life she found a creative way to fill the hours with her first love.  She dwelled on the idea that we walk on this stage of life for such a short time.  She wanted to leave something of herself behind when the candle does finally go out.  And she wants the same for you.  
We believe that we must mark the special moments of our lives.  Mark them with something fine and tangible, something lasting, something which will call to our minds the sweetest moments of our lives engagements, weddings, births, birthdays, anniversaries.
So find and wear those treasures which tell your story.  For the sweetest story we can tell is that of our brightly lit moments on this stage.


Raised in the California desert among the onion fields.

Grew to Berkeley with a Faustian grin.

Bore two stars and discovered the universe.

By Crystal Casman, 2006 in Honolulu



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